This Month and Next

By 5 October 2017

This Month and Next

are important for Centerville.

On the 17th of October, Davis County will mail ballots to all registered voters. The county may receive ballots back within days. Some of us will wait until later to make our selection. Some will fail to return the ballot and some will even fail to vote in person. These people will have no voice in deciding who will be our next mayor.

The General Election date is November 7th.

For those of us who do get involved and vote, how do we make our selection?

Some will vote because of name recognition. In theory, the name you hear or see the most often will be a person who is highly involved in activities in our city. This is one reason why lawn signs are part of our election campaigns.

Some will make the selection because one of the candidates is a friend.

Some will use the internet to research the backgrounds of the candidates and to examine the candidates’ campaign websites.

Some will attend Meet the Candidate events, and hear what the candidates have to say.

Some will invite the candidates to visit with them so that they can get their questions answered in person, and gain a clear understanding of the candidates’ positions.

There is some merit to each of these methods. (More to some than to others!)

Here is another suggestion. Candidates are required by law to disclose the source of contributions donated to their campaign, including donations or loans which they make themselves, and also the money expended for the campaign. By law, these disclosures are due at the office of the City Recorder on the 31st of October. These disclosures give the names of the organizations and persons willing to contribute to the campaigns. ByMail2The information on these disclosures is a matter of public record, and is made available to us by Centerville City. The disclosure forms will be shown here on The Centerville Advocate. Our Elections 2017 page has a link to a page which will show this information.

When a person or an organization is willing to contribute to a candidate, it is usually because they believe that their own interests and opinions align with those of that candidate. Examining the Financial Disclosure is a good way to help you see how a candidate is likely to perform if elected.

While voting by mail is more convenient, it could also lead to voting prior to the time when the larger view of the candidates is available. Counting the 17th and the 31st, there are 15 days from the date the ballots are mailed out until the day candidates are required to disclose financial contributions and expenditures. Counting the 31st of October and the 7th of November, there are only 8 days from the date for financial disclosures to the date of the general election. Don’t be left saying, “I wish I had known that when I voted.”

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