Elections 2015

19 Oct – 22 Oct
       General Election Early Voting

 3 Nov – General Election

Centerville City Council Candidates

(I) Incumbent Council Member
Candidates are expected to adhere to this Pledge of Fair Campaign Practices.

Financial disclosures for the candidates are on the Financial Disclosures 2015 page.

According to the Davis County Clerk/Auditor, there were 8843 registered voters in Centerville at the time of the Primary Election. 1590 of them voted, which is 17.98%.

According to the Davis County Clerk/Auditor, there were 8837 registered voters in Centerville at the time of the General Election. 3468 of them voted, which is 39.24%.

    Received 876 Primary votes, 20.42%.
    Unofficial 1918 General votes, 20.70%.
    Official 1990 General votes, 20.64% – Elected.
Robyn Mecham
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I am running for Centerville City Council because of my great love for Centerville. I am a fifth generation Centerville citizen. My husband, Ken Mecham, and I are parents to four married children and ten beautiful grandchildren. Three of my children and eight grandchildren still reside in Centerville. It is for this reason I want to keep Centerville a family friendly and safe city for future generations to enjoy.

My Goals:

Offer a listening ear to citizens
Act as a representative of Centerville community members
Keep zoning densities low
Preserve our foothills and mountains for the recreation and enjoyment of future generations
Keep taxes down while running a prudent, well-studied budget
Prevent light rail development on Main Street and in rural/residential areas


Regular attendee of city council meetings
Well informed on issues impacting Centerville
Knowledgeable of Centerville history, including measures which have helped preserve and detract from what makes Centerville the great community it is
23 year employee of the Post Office, now retired
    Received 576 Primary votes, 13.43%.
    Unofficial 1580 General votes, 17.05%.
    Official 1651 General votes, 17.13% – Elected.
George McEwan
Web Page

I am running for a seat on the Centerville city council because I believe my community has given much to me and my family, and I feel honor bound to put my skills to work in upholding the values which make Centerville unique. My wife, Leslie Rollins McEwan, and I have raised our family here and it has been an absolute joy. I care deeply about Centerville and hope to serve you on the City Council.
My Goals:
• Represent the interests of Centerville residents, not outside special interest groups
• Be accessible and available to hear from you
• Ensure zoning densities remain low
• Prevent UTOPIA from continuing to borrow more tax dollars
• Stop South Davis Metro Fire from becoming an independent entity able to assess new taxes without the approval of the city council.
• Decorated combat veteran of the first Gulf War.
• Master’s degree in Project Management
• Project Management Professional Certification
• In depth understanding of best practices for large organization management
• 25 years of direct experience in multiple engineering disciplines
    Received 682 Primary votes, 15.90%.
    Unofficial 1566 General votes, 16.90%.
    Official 1640 General votes, 17.01%.
Becki Wright
Web Page

Hi there! I’m Becki, and I’m running for City Council.

My husband Jeff and I made the choice to move our family to Centerville five years ago because it’s “a great place to live and play!” I’ve been happy to call South Davis County home for nearly 25 years now, and think Centerville lives up to its motto of making life better for its residents, recreators, and businesses.

I’m excited for this opportunity to serve our community and believe my training and experience make me a good fit for City Council. I have a Master of Public Administration, serve on the Centerville Parks and Recreation Committee and in the Stewart Elementary PTA, and I try to be an influence for good wherever I can.

I’m passionate about celebrating our unique community and building upon our strengths by respecting our heritage while keeping a vision for our future. The Future is BRIGHT in Centerville! The nuanced issues that face Centerville need to be approached by an optimistic, big-picture thinker who is able to make decisions pragmatically and proactively. We need to strengthen our already well-managed Centerville with fiscal conservatism, administrative best practices, and the celebration of our successes. Pragmatic optimism guides me now and will continue to do so throughout my civic service.

I’m not a career politician or a candidate running to push an agenda. I’m a mother of four, a harpist and triathlete, a celebrator of the arts. I am a citizen willing to do my part for the betterment of our community. I hope you will consider supporting me as a candidate ready to represent you!
    Received 455 Primary votes, 10.61%.
    Unofficial 1131 General votes, 12.21%.
    Official 1160 General votes, 12.03%.
Ken Averett (I)
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I am a social and fiscal conservative committed to limited government, fiscal responsibility, protecting private property rights, and upholding both the Utah and U.S. Constitutions. I love Centerville – I’ve lived here for over 20 years, raised my children here, and I’m determined to work with you and for you to preserve all that we love most about this community.

To help you better evaluate me as a candidate, please see below for my positions on a few key issues affecting Centerville. Obviously, our City faces a range of challenges, so if you have questions or concerns about the City’s future or where I stand on any issue please let me know. I’d welcome the chance to hear what matters most to you and to explain my positions and approach to solving problems.



Our zoning ordinances must both encourage positive redevelopment and protect the small town feel of Centerville, its quiet neighborhoods, and historic character. For those reasons, I support imposing residential density caps in our commercial areas to make sure that we don’t continue to see proposals for high density housing in and around areas with a lot of single family and historic homes. Let’s preserve what makes Centerville special.



As your Councilman, I will oppose any new funding to this fiber-optic network that has already cost Centerville in excess of 11.5 million dollars. I aim to ensure that Centerville citizens receive the best value and return for the resources the City has already invested.



Centerville’s numerous historic buildings give our city character, connect us to the past, and enhance a sense of community. Despite the progress made by the Landmarks Commission (where I formerly served as City Council liaison), much work remains to help preserve Centerville’s history and to tell the story of our community. We can do so in a way that balances private property rights and the interests of the community. I will continue that effort if re-elected.



Having served as the Citizen Corps Chairman for the past two years, I believe the City is well prepared for an emergency Nevertheless, work remains to be done. If re-elected, I will continue to work to better prepare the city in the event of a major disaster.
    Received 591 Primary votes, 13.78%.
    Unofficial 1368 General votes, 14.77%.
    Official 1426 General votes, 14.79%.
John Higginson (I)
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I feel honored that the citizens of Centerville trusted me with the past four years in their service, and I ask them to trust me with four more. I am a candidate with no agenda, other than doing what is right for our great city and our great residents. I have a strong position on all the issues our city is facing. To list a few: I want to continue to help lead the city with a debt free approach, manage our UTOPIA association with the best interests of our city and residents in mind, and always be available to listen to and respond to our citizen’s concerns.

Centerville is a unique city. Those of us who live in Centerville know how special it is. The efforts and goals of the city council should reflect the desires of our residents to maintain our way of life, and ensure the same quality of life for many years to come. If you share these same ideals and desires, I ask for your support for another four years on Centerville’s City Council.
    Received 572 Primary votes, 13.33%.
    Unofficial 1702 General votes, 18.37%.
    Official 1773 General votes, 18.39% – Elected.
Bill Ince
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My name is Bill (William) Ince. I moved to Centerville in 1989, and plan to live the rest of my life here. Over the last 25 years, I have served on the Planning Commission and the CCC (Centerville Community Corp)-emergency preparation.

I am running for Centerville City Council, because I am concerned about recent decisions in our City. Most of my concern can be summarized by whether an action is the “proper role of government”. Some things will not happen, without government. Police and fire protection, education, planning, and transportation are examples of this. However internet service (Utopia), a community theater, and promoting higher density and moderate price housing are not, in my opinion, the proper role of government.

We have just had a 110% increase in our water drainage fees. We now have a 5% increase in culinary water fees. In the meantime, we continue to spend money on parks, considering bike lanes, possible creation of a fire district, frontage road sidewalks, and more. I have the financial background to understand and help you control costs and the taxes it takes to fund them.

Vote for me, and I will help you control what is happening in Centerville.
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