Elections 2017

Coming Election Dates
  7 Dec — Post-General Financial Disclosure Due
With only two candidates running for the office of Mayor there was no primary election this year.
Candidates were expected to adhere to this Pledge of Fair Campaign Practices.
Financial disclosures for the candidates are on the Financial Disclosures 2017 page.
Candidates are listed in the order in which they should have appeared on the ballot. You may have noticed that the ballot was not ordered correctly.
Centerville City has a list of the laws and ordinances governing candidates and elections.
This year our election was by mail, and the ballots arrived in the mail before the expected mailing date of 17 October. That was 21 days before the general election and 14 days before the pre-general election financial disclosure form was due. The early arrival of the ballots made a bad situation worse, because many people voted before the financial disclosures were posted by the City Recorder.
According to the Davis County Clerk/Auditor, there were 9252 registered voters in Centerville at the time of the General Election. Of that number, 4321 of them voted, which is 46.7%. You will notice that only 4308 of them chose to vote for one mayoral candidate. That means that 13 voters returned a ballot where either they did not vote for either of the only two candidates who were actually in the race for a contested position or they voted for both candidates.
The canvass of the election was on the 21st of November so now the results are official.


Here is a link to the Financial Disclosures page for this election.

Centerville Mayoral Candidates

Received 1811 votes which is
42.04% of the total.
Randy Randall
801-292-9596 (No calls during Centerville City business hours)
No FaceBook
As the Centerville City Public Works director for the past 35 years, I have enjoyed working closely with eight mayors and more than 40 different city council members. This has given me an extensive and practical understanding of the issues facing our city.

As Centerville has grown, I have played an instrumental role in developing our infrastructure, always using public funds with wisdom and integrity. I’ve consistently used my ability to identify and analyze problems and find creative solutions to save taxpayer dollars and have been honored with 14 county, state and national awards for efficiency and innovation in our community.

Centerville is a big part of me. It is a wonderful place to live and raise a family and is full of good people. It also has its share of challenges. As mayor, I will continue to work diligently to find creative solutions to our challenges and implement innovative and efficient strategies in all city functions. I will draw upon my experience, good judgment and personal integrity to ensure that our city will remain a wonderful place for our children to raise their families.

If elected, I will suspend my employment according to state law.
Received 2497 votes which is
57.96% of the total. Elected.
Clark Wilkinson

The role of mayor is more than just familiarity of issues, but requires a particular skill-set as it is, quite literally, CEO of the city.

As a CPA with an MBA, Clark is experienced in governmental auditing, specifically city audits, is PFS and CGMA certified, and has experience in managing multi-million dollar business’ issues. As the owner of a local CPA firm, he is also cognizant of the challenges facing small businesses. Centerville is dealing with several fiscal concerns, and Clark Wilkinson is the only candidate with the education and expertise to navigate those issues.

A mayor must have the disposition and ability to lead.

Clark serves as the UACPA Key Person Committee Chairman, is on the Board of Advisors for the School of Accountancy at USU, and is Finance Committee Chair for Davis Behavioral Health. He was named the Outstanding CPA in Public Practice in 2009, the Outstanding Alumnus for USU School of Accountancy, 2010, and received the 2016 UACPA Distinguished Service Award. He has experience leading with integrity and creating unity, and has received the endorsement of several previous city mayors and council members.

Clark, and his wife, Janie, have raised their family in Centerville since 2000.

Centerville City Council Candidates

Candidate Bruce Pitt received a church calling which he considers incompatible with the office of City Councilman, and has withdrawn his candidacy. No candidates registered with the county as a write-in candidate, so any write-in votes received will not be counted. That means that council members Stephanie Ivie and Tami Fillmore will each serve another four year term on the City Council after their current terms expire at the end of this year. Because of the wording of the laws governing election ballots, their names will appear as the only two names on the ballot for the position of City Council, however the two winners for that position will be the two candidates receiving the highest number of votes. Congratulations Stephanie and Tami!

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