Elections 2018


Centerville Elections

2018-06-26  Primary Election
2018-11-13    General Election
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Incumbent Status
(I)    Incumbent

Political Party
(C)    Constitution
(D)    Democrat
(I)     Independent American
(L)    Libertarian
(N)    Non-partisan
(R)    Republican
(U)    United Utah

Ballot Method Used
[C]    On Ballot Qualified by Convention Vote Only
[S]    On Ballot Qualified by Signatures
[U]    Unopposed

Judges on the Davis County Ballots


Candidates on the Ballot in Centerville

(Listed Alphabetically within position. Blue names link to the candidate website)


    US Senate

        Tim Aalders (C) timaalders@live.com
        Craig R Bowden (L) admin@bowden4senate.com
        Mike Kennedy (R) [C] info@kennedyforutah.com – Primary
        Reed C McCandless (I) reedforussenateutah@gmail.com
        Mitt Romney (R) [S] mitt@romneyforutah.com – Primary
        Jenny Wilson (D) info@wilsonforsenate.com

    US House of Representatives District 2

        Shireen Ghorbani (D)
        Chris Stewart (I) (R) [C] chrisstewart@reagan.com


    Attorney General

        Not in 2018

    Utah State Senate District 22

        J Stuart Adams (I) (R) [U] sadams1776@gmail.com

    Utah State Senate District 23

        Not in 2018

    Utah State House of Representatives District 18

        Adam Alba (D) adam.alba@gmail.com
        Timothy D Hawkes (I) (R) [C] thawkes@le.utah.gov

    Utah State School Board District 5 Non-Partisan

        Laura Collier Belnap (N) lbelnap@utahonline.org
        Patrick D. Riley (N) priley7742@aol.com

    Utah State Supreme Court Justice Non-Partisan

        Not in 2018

    Utah State Court of Appeals Judge Non-Partisan

        Not in 2018

    District Court – Second Judicial District Judge Non-Partisan

        Not in 2018

    Juvenile Court – Second Juvenile District Judge Non-Partisan

        Not in 2018

Davis County

    Davis County Assessor

        Not in 2018

    Davis County Attorney

        Troy Rawlings (I) (R) [C] email@troyrawlings.com

    Davis County Clerk/Auditor

        Curtis Koch (R) [C] mrcurtiskoch@gmail.com

    Davis County Commissioner Seat A

        Tamara (Tammy) P. Long (I) tammyfordaviscocommissioner@gmail.com
        Brian Muir (R) [C] brian@votebrianmuir.com – Primary
        Bob J. Stevenson (R) [S] bobstevenson8@msn.com – Primary

    Davis County Commissioner Seat B

        Thomas Tony Christopulos (R) [S] ttchristopulos@mail.com – Primary
        Lorene Miner Kamalu (R) [S] kamaluforcommissioner@gmail.com – Primary
        Bruce Young (R) [C] electbruceyoung@hotmail.com – Primary

    Davis County Commissioner Seat C

        Not in 2018

    Davis County Recorder

        Not in 2018

    Davis County Sheriff

        Kelly Sparks (R) [C] kellysparksforsheriff@gmail.com

    Davis County Surveyor

        Not in 2018

    Davis County Treasurer

        Not in 2018

    Davis County School Board District 2 Non-Partisan

        Centerville Voting Districts 1-7, 10-12
        Not in 2018

    Davis County School Board District 3 Non-Partisan

        Centerville Voting Districts 8 & 9
        Beth McConkie Barber (N) beth4davisschools@gmail.com
        Susan Firmage (N)
        Julie Tanner (N) juliemtanner@gmail.com

Centerville City

        No City Offices in 2018
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