Public Notice

PublicNotice_02The Public Notice Website is an index into the scheduled times for government related meetings throughout Utah. Below is a list of some meetings which may be of interest to you. If there are other meetings for which you would like to see a reference below, scroll down to the Contact tab, and let us know.

To see the information on the Public Notice Website, enter a value for each of the three columns. The first column is Government. Here you will select from State, County, Cities, Schools and Special Districts.

The second column is Entity. Entity is a sub-division of the selected value under the Government column.

The third column is Public Body(s). (sic) This column represents a sub-division of the Entity selected in column two. In the list below, the Government, Entity and Public Body columns will be separated with the | character.


State School Board
State | State Board of Education | State Board of Education

Davis County

Davis County School Board
Schools | Davis County School District | Board of Education
Davis County Commission
County | Davis County | Davis County Commission


City Council
Cities | Centerville | City Council
Public Notice – Updated 2016-02-14